Steel Flex Configurator

Steel Flex Configurator


Create your steel braided line!
In three steps to your steel braided line:
1. choose the color of the brake line you like.
2. choose the length of your newSelect the required fittings.
3. select the required fittings.

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Create your steel flex line!

In three steps to your steel flex line:

    >li> Choose the colour of the brake line that you like.

    >li>Gebeenter the length of your new steel braided line.

  1. Select the right fittings.


From high-quality components from the Swiss manufacturerSpeed Brakes is now manufactured in Glinde Deine Stahlflexleitung, which meets very special quality requirements. The fittings are made of a special aluminium alloy, whichhas special deformation properties. The homogeneous microstructure is retained when making the connecting bends, which permanently prevents brittle fracture.

Esonly steel flex hoses of the highest quality with PTFE (Teflon) inner core and plastic coating are processed. The PVC-jacket protects adjacent surfaces from scratches and preventsa reaming of the steel braiding, with brake hoses additionally the entry of aggressive brake dust.

Performance Steel braided hoses have the following characteristics

  • Steel flexible hose with PTFE inner line 
  • Plastic-coated 
  • Fittings in shiny or coloured aluminiumanodized 
  • connecting bends permanently protected against brittle fracture 
  • With part certificates

>>b>IMPORTANT NOTES: The assembly isis particularly demanding and may only be carried out by qualified personnel (motor vehicle or two-wheel mechanics). The braking behaviour will change due to the brake line modification and youyou should carefully familiarize yourself with the modified braking effect! As this is a custom-made product, especially for your motorcycle, a return is excluded. ASteel braided line is the first step to improve the brake system of your motorcycle, because it has the following unbeatable ADVANTAGES.

br/> p> br/> p> br> p> br/> ul> br/> li> steel braided lines do not expandunder pressure 

  • Exact pressure point and exact metering of the braking force 
  • No fading (brake fade) at high loads
  • >li>Attractive appearance due to colouredSteel braided lines and fittings

  • Longer brake fluid change intervals possible
  • No wear, no ageing, no maintenance
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