VX2 chain set FMX 650 05-08

VX2 chain set FMX 650 05-08


D.I.D. PRO-STREET X-Ring chain set FMX 650, 05-08

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D.I.D. PRO-STREET X-Ring chain set
Fits FMX 650, 05-08.

D.I.D. You receive the competence of a worldwide original equipment manufacturer. Extremely resilient, extremely durable and extremely effective. High efficiency as well as soft and fast reaction to load changes of the D.I.D. chains are the result of years of further development in racing, state-of-the-art production methods and highest material quality. The currently best D.I.D. chain in terms of deformation and elongation.
The secret behind the amazing performance of chains is D.I.D.’s exclusive bolt hardening process. This forms an extremely hard layer on the surface, but keeps the bolt core softer. In contact with hard foreign bodies, these chains are particularly resistant, while they simply absorb vibrations. They are also well protected against rust.
The specially shaped D.I.D-X-Ring seals decisively change the friction surface of the plates. At the same time the doubling of the sealing points from 2 to 4 results in a considerably higher safety against loss of lubricant and a perfect protection against contamination.

ESJOT is manufacturer of the two-wheel industry, with the largest bearing of chain wheels and sprockets in Germany. The steels used meet the highest demands and thus meet OEM quality standards. High tensile strength of the material guarantees a long service life. The aluminium sprockets are made of aluminium 7075 version T6. This hardened material, in combination with complete milling on state-of-the-art CNC machines, guarantees the highest quality. Of course, all ESJOT sprockets are anodized.

The innovative production process Diamond-Cut for the toothing of sprockets with a significantly higher quality standard than the conventional milled sprocket is achieved. Precision tools provide you with an optimised cutting pattern. At the same time, the material is highly hardened in the tooth flank area, so that an additional hardening process is often unnecessary. Only the highest quality German steels are used to ensure a consistently high quality.

Chain set components:
DID 520 VX2 Chain 874-110
ESJOT sprocket 92-32037-14
ESJOT sprocket 92-32001-42

Scope of supply: 1 set

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DID Kette und ESJOT Räder

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