Brake disc FMD0001R

Brake disc FMD0001R


Ferodo brake disc FMD0001R, rigid, with ABE. Screws not included.

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The Ferodo disc range is perfectly interchangeable with original equipment specifications. The range includes a floating version with aluminium alloy carriers and a fixed, one-piece steel version normally used for rear brakes.
In the case of the floating disc, the brake bands and their supports are connected with aluminium alloy fasteners. This system is designed to prevent warping of the discs due to excessive heat and to reduce residual torque.
The design of the cross holes in the braking surface of both versions improves the initial bite and was developed to increase heat dissipation, reduce weight and optimize the contact surface with the brake disc.
The steel used for the two versions is AISI420 / AISI410, which undergoes a thorough heat treatment throughout its thickness, so that it delivers consistent performance during thermomechanical stresses, even on the racetrack.
The manufacturing tolerances, such as flatness and parallelism, are among the tightest on the market and meet the requirements of the racing world.

FMDxxxxRX/RF: Floating disc with aluminum alloy bell

FMDxxxxR: One-piece fixed disc made of steel

Run in the discs
Ride a distance totaling about 30 km at medium speed and avoid hard, aggressive braking so that at least 90% of the friction surface of the pad is in contact with the disc.
Then ride a final lap, gradually increasing the braking intensity.

– It is strongly recommended that new brake pads are also fitted when the brake disc is replaced (please refer to the instructions for running in the pads).
– The front brake discs with a thickness of 5 mm are compatible with the CPRO compound and must not be used with sintered compounds.

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