double loop, nylon, black

double loop, nylon, black


Double loop, nylon, black, pair. Fix your motorcycle in the most different places, no matter where you want it.

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Thanks to the Acebikes belt loops, you can decide for yourself at which point on the bike you want to fix your bike. No matter whether on the motorcycle fork or on the luggage carrier, the stable belt loops can be fastened everywhere. By using these belts you will avoid unattractive damage to your motorcycle.

This makes the strap set perfect for transporting your bike and solves all fastening problems. Thanks to the use of extremely stable and high-quality materials, the belt loops are resilient and very durable. The set offers perfect transport safety through highest quality.

Special features:
Creates fixing possibilities wherever you want
Durable and extremely strong material
Prevents damage during fixing
Convenient to attach and easy to handle
br/> Belt length: 40 cm
Belt width: 2.5 cm
Lashing force 500 daN
Material Polypropylene

Scope of supply: 1 pair

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