Twin-Match S 1000 RR with ABS 09 -14

Twin-Match S 1000 RR with ABS 09 -14


Twin-Match S 1000 RR with ABS 09 -14

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Tour Match-Kit

Like no other steering stub, the construction, patented already in the early 90s, brings the steering tube into a comfortable and relaxed position. The moderate steering tube angle of1° relaxes the wrists, the unchanged handlebar width avoids wide elbows hanging in the wind. The cuffs are made from one piece of high-strength aluminium. This results inan extremely break-proof construction without weak points due to component connections.

Since, depending on the vehicle model, new brake or clutch lines have to be installed, let usby phone or mail about the conversion and contact a specialist workshop near you.

The following articles fit this product: Handlebar weights / grips / holderBrake fluid reservoir / drilling template / handlebar extension

Maintenance instructions:
– For all handlebars and their surface variants, use only acid and alkali-free cleaners!
– Never use in the blazing sun and do not allow the cleaner to dry.
– Contact with brake fluid, brake cleaner, oil, fuel, polishing pastes with abrasive particles etc.omit to absorb dripping quantities immediately with a soft cloth.
– Before using cleaning agents, test the compatibility in an inconspicuous place!
– In case of improperCleaning and maintenance does not constitute a guarantee or warranty.

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The power indicated by them is less than that of the new indicator.
This could lead to problems when connecting to your vehicle.
If you have the option to replace the turn signal relay, we recommend that you use one of our load-independent turn signal relays.
If you are stuck, then we would be happy to hear from you.


It is possible that when you install your new turn signal, the flashing frequency no longer fits or an error code appears in the cockpit.

1. Enter here the original flasher power (in watts). You will then receive a suggestion for a suitable* resistor that fixes the described problem.
2. or use one of our load-independent flasher relays.

Performance of the new turn signal Watt
Performance of their original turn signal Watt

* This is a calculated suggestion. In individual cases, there may be minor deviations.