NOVA-RS Bar End Weights

NOVA-RS Bar End Weights


LSL NOVA-RS Bar End Weights, thanks to clamping system universal suitable for 7/8, 1 inch or X-Bar tubular handlebars with an inner Ø of 12-22 mm, available in different colours, pair.

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LSL Bar End Weights NOVA-RS, black with cap
– Design Bar End Weights for almost every model. – There are hardly any limits to the variety of shapes for Bar End Weights. With dedication to detail, creative innovation and high quality, the LSL accessories forge is happy to come up with something special in design and function for its new products. With the finely bead blasted aluminium Bar End Weight with stylish cap, you can give your bike the sporty LSL look and upgrade it visually. In addition, the Bar End Weights with their own weight of 110 g per side reduce disturbing vibrations on the handlebars. Thanks to the clamping system with different sleeves, it is universally suitable for 7/8, 1 inch or X-Bar tubular handlebars with an inner diameter of 12 to 22 mm. Excellent in combination with the optically matched design handlebar grip rubber NOVA-RS from our own company. The caps of the handlebar ends pick up the design of the grip rubbers in their asymmetrical lines. Sophisticated is the perfect fit of the two elements and thus creates the perfect complement to the NOVA handles.

Bar End Weights: Ø 36,6 mm
Width: 30,4 mm
Weight: 110 g per side

Supply includes: 1 pair incl.
each 2 clamping sleeves with D. 12 mm and D. 16 mm
each 2 spacer sleeves with D. 14 mm, D. 18 mm and D. 21 mm
2 x M6 central bolts
2 x M6 conical nuts
For Bar End Weights with clamping system the ends of the handlebars must not be blocked by threaded inserts or similar.
handlebar ends do not have to be approved, therefore they do not need any test marks, certificates or ABEs.

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black, black, schwarz, titan, titan, titan


für i.D. 12 mm – 22 mm

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