GONIA Rise up handlebar riser 7/8 inch (Ø22,2 mm)

GONIA Rise up handlebar riser 7/8 inch (Ø22,2 mm)

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LSL GONIA Rise up handlebar riser in black or silver, for 7/8 inch handlebars (Ø22,2 mm). The handlebar position is moved up and 17 mm closer to the rider. So you get a more upright and relaxed sitting position, with ABE, set.

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    LSL GONIA Rise up handlebar riser for 7/8 inch handlebars

    Clamps that are installed in the stock clamp. By using the milled spacer blocks, the handlebar position is moved up and closer to the rider. This gives you a much more upright and relaxed riding position.

    – Material: aluminum
    – Material treatment: CNC machined, anodized
    – Offset: 25 mm or 35 mm high, 17 mm closer to the driver
    – Mounting: For all motorcycles with 32-35 mm hole spacing and 7/8 inch handlebars (Ø22,2mm)
    – Available in black or silver
    – With ABE* for many models

    *The model assignments of the LSL clamping blocks listed in the ABE are tested for use with the stock handlebar of the vehicle.
    Please check before the conversion, whether the vehicle intended for the conversion is listed in the ABE attached here!
    For each vehicle there are different requirements and conditions that allow the conversion of the clamping blocks.

    Check whether the following conditions apply to your vehicle (-see ABE):
    – Use permitted with the use of a compensating pad for the triple clamp
    – With 20 mm longer brake line use permitted
    – With 30 mm longer brake line use permitted
    – With LSL instrument holder use permitted

    If not observed, the operating permit for the vehicle expires!
    The conversion should only be carried out by trained professionals.

    The additional use of an LSL accessory handlebar is possible, but may require additional modifications to the vehicle (longer lines or cables) due to a deviating shape of the handlebar.
    Elevating the original handlebars may also result in additional modifications to the vehicle.
    Parts approval in conjunction with LSL handlebars

    Scope of supply: 1 set

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    black, silver


    – 25 mm, – 35 mm

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    The power indicated by them is less than that of the new indicator.
    This could lead to problems when connecting to your vehicle.
    If you have the option to replace the turn signal relay, we recommend that you use one of our load-independent turn signal relays.
    If you are stuck, then we would be happy to hear from you.


    It is possible that when you install your new turn signal, the flashing frequency no longer fits or an error code appears in the cockpit.

    1. Enter here the original flasher power (in watts). You will then receive a suggestion for a suitable* resistor that fixes the described problem.
    2. or use one of our load-independent flasher relays.

    Performance of the new turn signal Watt
    Performance of their original turn signal Watt

    * This is a calculated suggestion. In individual cases, there may be minor deviations.