2-slide footrest system 1290 Super Duke R 16, black, Euro 4

2-slide footrest system 1290 Super Duke R 16, black, Euro 4


2-Slide footrest system 1290 Super Duke R 16, black, red fixing piece, Euro 4.

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2Slide Restraint System

The 2Slide Restraint System represents the current state of development of the racing scene. The arrangement of the footrests can be adjusted horizontally in four positions. Two heights result from the superimposed guide grooves.
The detent bodies are short and knurled for a good grip, the base plates and levers are anodised. The gearshift lever is pulled deep down to prevent unwanted shifting operations when changing the inclined position. The adjustment of the shift rod to the different detent positions is carried out using different spacers.

For use with the shift position reversed, only the gear lever has to be reversed on many models, others require a conversion kit. In addition, a Quickshifter is available for many models, please contact our sales team for more information.

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We would like to draw your special attention to our fixing piece sets in alternative colors, which you can add to your order under the Accessories tab.

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