RC3B rear silencer Honda CB 500 Hornet, CBR 500 R, NX 500. 24- (Euro5+)

RC3B rear silencer Honda CB 500 Hornet, CBR 500 R, NX 500. 24- (Euro5+)


RC3B rear silencer, stainless steel, Honda CB 500 Hornet 24- (PC71), CBR 500 R (PC70) 24-, NX 500 (PC72) 24-, E-approved, with Euro 5+ approval.

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IXIL RC3B stainless steel rear silencer

The finish is impressive, all IXIL rear silencers share a high-quality finish with stainless steel materials. Combined with the available outer covers in brushed stainless steel, you get a visually and technically high-quality silencer. All IXIL silencers are supplied as complete systems, bolt-on or slip-on replacement silencers. Of course, all parts required for mounting are included in the scope of delivery. Super optics and deep, rich sound fulfill all customer wishes.

Technical features:
– AISI304 stainless steel exhaust system
– Complete exhaust piping system with European certificate of conformity
– Exhaust system complies with EURO5+ standard (catalytic converter included)
– High quality TIG-welds
– MOTO GP look
– Stainless steel rivets
– Stainless steel gas outlet with AFS system (Anti Flame System)
– Supplied with matching kit
– The IXIL logo is directly engraved with laser technology

Dimensions silencer:
Conical short exhaust
Overall length: 330 mm
Exhaust outlet diameter round: 100 mm
Exhaust inlet diameter: mm
Weight: 0.9 kg
Shape: round

Scope of delivery: 1 piece

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